Saturday, May 12, 2007

don't fear the guitar solo

how did one of the coolest ideas for a song ever - warrant the least eventful video of all time?

or not???... an analysis: the couple, who at first glance are having a capitol, A-1 night on the town, are in actuality slowly experiencing a growing discontent with the bright lights of the big city and can no longer ignore a general apathy towards american consumerism and each other as sexual partners in - for the most part - monogamy. their suicide pact would have taken place during the guitar solo had VH1 viewers not tested so poorly with 50+ seconds in absence of singing. the giant LED high heeled shoe - of mother nature - stomping out lead singer buck dharma represents our losing battle with the environment due mainly to our undying desire to take taxi cabs - also represented in LED awesomeness - from irving plaza to max fish instead of walking* in a light spring rain. literally and figuratively its stomping out the dharma. the final image of a new york sky line rising up from the desert landscape is a reminder of what we came from and where we shall return. the massive skyscrapers will eventually go back to the earth, represented here by some sand and a cow skull**. perhaps the couple's shit eating grins facing upward gaze not at the marque of 'cats', but rather the dawn of a nuclear holocaust ushered in by a face melting light emanating from somewhere around secaucus (our painfully long overdue cosmic hug must have been delivered by the able hands of UPS). these two hipsters don't fear the god damn reaperman - rather, for the first time in their lives they feel that their prayers have finally been answered.

...then again, maybe it just needs more cowbell?

*note the pixilated elderly woman walking in front of the car - probably on her way to veselka - doesn't mind a little exercise (good for her). had we all the same get up and get 'em attitude of her generation maybe we wouldn't be losing "40,000 men and women every day" (give or take 115,000 - props CIA world fact book!) to laziness or hunger.

**visit as featured on the discovery channel's 'dirty jobs' for - one would assume - an in-depth look at taking a cow's face off.

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